Friday, March 16, 2018

Bridels , Gigi and more

Gigi from my sunburnt black tutorial was completed in February and I just now was able to get outside photos of her she is up for offers on MH$P

I recently completed this mare she sold before she was done and is on her way to her new owner .

Valegro here is also recently completed and has been listed on Etsy
I did manage to complete two more knotted bridles they both have a combination of turkshead and Spanish ring knots and are both available for purchase on Etsy .

That's all for now I hope to have more to show you next week ! Stay tuned !

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sunburnt Black A Tutorial

Gigi is my NAMoPaiMo challenge project and here is how I did her.
For this tutorial I will be using earth pigments and Rembrant black pastel . I am doing the Sunburnt black on the Gigi resin and I will be doing a bay on the Breyer pony .

Start with prepped primed white model

 Liberally apply cypress umber warm earth pigment dust or blow off excess and seal I am using Krylon Matte to seal . I applied blue painters tape to her legs since she is planned to be a minimal tobiano .

Repeat until you achieve a nice red bay color . At this point my pony was very Grainy .

Optional Step to repair graininess.. I would normally do a layer and then seal with Krylon crystal clear gloss... But I apparently am out the Rustoleum Matte enamel did pretty good but I still prefer the Krylon. After this I walked away for an hour to let the rustoleum dry well.


Start layering black here I am using vine black earth pigments . I used a eraser pencil to add the initial dapples.

More Cypress umber warm and more vine black .
There was also some shading with Cypress umber dark .
Dapples were done again with a kneaded eraser on about every other layer of pigment.

Now I wanted to see where they were at so I blocked in the manes with black acrylic paint .
Here we have more shading using the Cypress warm earth pigments and the Rembrandt black pastel .  I did multiple layers of black pastel on Gigi with the kneaded eraser being used to bring back the brown tones any where I wanted them as needed

Here is where we are at the end of the body color. Now for what feels like a million layers of white paint for their markings.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Back to Blogging !!??!!

Long time no blog . I know, in all fairness I never pretended to be good at this.

But since there are some people who do not do facebook and instagram and mail chimp takes me forever to put together an email I am going to try this .

First whats up there are multiple items listed in the Etsy Shop .. including the following....

 And much more !!! Also up for offers until Friday night is this adorable little Tadpole resin . this little stinker has many layers and tons of detail that just doesn't quite show up in pictures .
 You can see his ad on MH$P the remainder of my MH$P listings are here.


And lastly a sneek peek . While I am waiting on answers for my two orders I am working on getting my turks head and Spanish ring knots down this will be a futurity knot brow band head stall . I haven't decided on reins as of yet but I am learning the knots what you see in this picture is a full days work ( only the knots and a curb strap) I hade made the majority of the headstall the day before .

I am not sure if this headstall will be sold or kept time will tell . But I thought to maybe work some true knot work in to the upcoming orders. And future Etsy pieces

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Hot off the tack desk is this pleasure harness . This was a custom order and is on its way to its owner.

I have another I am working on when I have down time on orders that is brown and fits the Breyer Cleveland bay. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Getting to be a (small) part of hobby history

As many of you have already seen Joanie Berkwitz just released the first Ceramic version of Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig 's Vtoo sculpture . Her work on this piece is simply amazing ! 

Look at all of the incredibly intricate details and that pose ! 

 A few months back I was contacted by Joanie she asked me if I could make in hand bridles for these gals . What an honor ! I have had some really cool commissions in the past but to be asked to be a small part of this venture was incredibly awesome !  

Then she sent me these pictures and told me that I could keep her after using her to make the bridles  .

Squeee !!! isn't she lovely !!! 

So incredibly generous ! 

 Here are some close ups of the bridle 

I can only hope that my work does this piece justice 

If you would like to have a ceramic Vtoo in your collection act fast because there will only be a few . 
She is available for bids here Chocolate Squirrel .

A huge thank you to Jaonie for allowing me to use her pictures .
 And a Ginormous thank you to Joanie and Sarah for letting me be a part of this amazing piece of true art. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jewel Heist Live Part 2 ~ English

If you follow me on facebook you know that I had a BIG tack ooops a few weeks back that resulted in some over sized saddles . One of these I was going to use for my D'Arry Mozart resin in English performance. Alas I just haven't had the time to make him a bridle.  Maybe once the replacement saddles are done I can find a place to squeeze it in some where . 

This left me with just the one English performance horse Rory.

Rory in the over fences class .

Rory is a D'Arry Rembrandt resin paint by D'Arry . She has been my star English horse for years and has I think the count yesterday was 33 English performance NAN cards .

 Arena Trail

Rory continued her winning ways with a first in arena trail doing ground poles ...

 Natural Trail 

Another first in Natural trail ( She needs and will be getting a new trail ) 

English Pleasure

She was second in English Pleasure . 

Second in Dressage with her Dressage lesson .


She earned another second in games doing musical stalls.
 Other English 

And a first in other with a little fox hunting set up . 

 This gave her all the points she needed to be English Performance Champion.

The reserve Champion Honors went to Bella's Josh .

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe Bella made all of her own tack too. 

I did show a little more in workmanship and halter but not enough for a full post . 
I was lucky enough to win a Highlander in the raffle along with a cute CM by Lauren , a Lori B. Pony Pouch, and the blu ray of Secretariat.  

This concludes my coverage of JHL 2014 . 
A big THANK YOU to Lauren Hoeffer For holding Jewel Heist this year .